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Информация о России

Russia is the world’s largest country, covering 17075.2 million sq. km. There are 1030 cities and 2153 conurbations. It is located in the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia. Capital of Russia is Moscow. The state language is Russian, other languages are spoken in various regions.

Religions are Orthodox Christian, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism among others. Russia is a country with tradition and culture stretching back to the early first millennium. Some of the most famous architectural, historical and cultural monuments in Russia are included in the UNESCO list of Universal Heritage Objects. Russian territory is vast, with many zones of much interest.

Adoption of new state regalia of the Russian Federation came after a declaration of independence by Russia upon disintegration of the Soviet Union.

The informal symbolic explanations of the flag’s colours is white for peace, cleanliness, purity and perfection; dark blue for belief, fidelity and constancy; red for energy, might, and blood shed for the fatherland.

The gold, two-headed eagle goes back to images on monuments from the days of Peter the Great. Above the heads of the eagle are three historical crowns symbolising in new conditions the sovereignty of all the Russian Federation and its subjects. In its claws, a scepter personifying the government and the uniform state.

On its breast, the image of a horseman with a dragon spear. It is one of the ancient symbols of the struggle of goods with evil, light with darkness, and protection of the fatherland. Restoration of the two-headed eagle as state emblem personifies indissolubility and continuity of domestic history.