Terms & Conditions

  1. Preamble

    1. These conditions regulate the procedure of tourist services pro-vided to clients in accordance with the Articles of Russian Tour Ltd. The limited liability company Russian Tour (hereinafter re-ferred to as “The Company”) carries out activities in internal and incoming tourism according to the following state registration documents: Certificate of the Tour Operator of the Russian Fed-eration (Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Tourism) # РТО 018919, dated May 02, 2017; Certificate of Russian Medical Tourism Association, dated February 11, 2019.

  2. General Provisions

    1. The Company is a tour operator and travel agent, developing, selling, and delivering tourism packages.

    2. The Company provides the following kinds of tourist trips: Business, exhibition and conference tourism, Corporate tour-ism, Incentive tourism, Individual tourism, Educational tourism, Sight-seeing guided tours.

    3. Tourist trips may include the following types of services: Russian entry visa support, Visa registration, Hotel reservation, Restaurant catering, Sight-seeing programs, rent a car, ground transportation, Airline and rail ticket reservation, Conference hall rent, and interpreter services. Other services, rendering of which is agreed by the parties.

    4. The Service Bureau of The Company operates 24 hours a day, including weekends.

    5. Applications processing and confirmation of individual ser-vices reservations are undertaken and delivered within 24 hours on working days of the time of application.

    6. Confirmation of group services reservations is made by The Company as requested by the client, but not less than 48 hours from the time of application, excluding weekends.

    7. Hotel stays can be extended by The Company at a client`s re-quest submitted not less than 24 hours before the initially-con-firmed date of departure, excluding weekends.

    8. If the requested hotel is overbooked, The Company will in-form the client not less than 24 hours after the request is re-ceived, excluding weekends.

    9. Requests for a specific service or the development of a tour program are answered by The Company within 48 hours of their receipt by The Company, excluding weekends.

    10. Services are rendered based on vouchers issued by The Company to the client (if a contractual agreement exists), or on services reservation confirmation (a copy of The Company`s voucher) sent by The Company to the client`s address.

    11. Details and dates of services rendering and their prices are listed in the reservation or cancellation confirmation.

  3. Conditions for services reservation

    1. In order to make hotel reservations, a request by telephone or email must be made to The Company, containing the following information: Hotel name, Date of check-in/check-out, Number of rooms, Type of room, Tourist`s surname and first names (for individual tourists), Tourist`s permanent country of residence, Requirements to provide breakfast when the price of breakfast is not included in the cost of accommodation, Requirement to provide tourist visa support, Method of payment, Telephone number, name of organization, Surname and first name of the person making the reservation. Full name lists of tourist groups must be received at the Company`s address not less than 24 hours before the group`s arrival, excluding weekends

    2. To obtain Russian tourist visa support, the following informa-tion must be forwarded to The Company: City of arrival, Point of entry, Hotel name, Tourist`s nationality, Dates of arrival and de-parture, Surname and first names, Date of birth, Gender, Pass-port number, Travel itinerary (cities to be visited).

    3. To obtain Russian business visa support, the following infor-mation must be forwarded to The Company: Traveler’s surname and first names, Date of birth, Nationality, Passport number and date of expiry, Name of company represented, Represented company`s address and telephone number, Occupation, City where Russian visa is to be issued.

    4. Tourist visa support is given for the duration of a tourist`s stay in the Russian Federation plus 1 day more, on condition that hotel accommodation is arranged by The Company.

    5. Terms and conditions of tourist and business visa provision and extension, and the amount of state tax for visa support ren-dering is determined according to Russian Federation legisla-tion and resolutions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Rus-sian Federation, Administration of Visas and Registration, Main Administration of Internal Affairs

    6. Conditions of passenger transport services provision, organi-zation of excursions, meals, conference hall provision and other services are coordinated by agreement between the parties.

  4. Terms of payment

    1. The Company accepts the following methods of payment for tourist services: Payment by international credit cards (VISA, MC, JCB), Bank transfers.

    2. The Company settles bills with clients on various terms.

    3. Conditions requiring prepayment or opening a credit line are provided by agreement between the parties.

    4. Additional services, payment for which was not guaranteed beforehand by the client upon reservation and not confirmed by The Company, will be paid for in cash when checking out of the hotel directly by the client to The Company or to the third party which rendered the services mentioned above.

  5. Cancellation penalties

    1. In the case of reserved services cancellation by individual cli-ents less than 24 hours on working days or no show on the date, The Company retains the right to impose penalties on the client at the rate of 100% of the first 24 hours ‘cost of those reserved services.

    2. Group service cancellation conditions are provided by agree-ment between the parties.

  6. Other conditions

    1. The Company bears responsibility for rendering in full the services requested, specified, and agreed in advance.

    2. The Company does not bear responsibility for damage caused by a client to a third party.

    3. In the case of violation of Russian Federation legislation by the client, the client bears all responsibility stipulated by that legislation.

    4. The Company does not undertake insurance of foreign tour-ists to the territory of the Russian Federation.

    5. In the case of a client`s death on the territory of the Rus-sian Federation, The Company does not bear responsibility for expenses connected with burial and transportation.

    6. The parties endeavor to resolve all disputes by means of ne-gotiation on the basis of goodwill. Where this is not possible, they will be resolved according to Russian Federation legislation.

    7. The parties are free of responsibility in the case of force ma-jeure conditions which could not be foreseen or identified by the parties. These are natural calamities, inundations, earthquakes, fires, war, resolutions of state organs, and governments leading to the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations.