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Eye treatment in Russia

Russian Med Tour company offer our clients assistance in organizing and conducting treatment and rehabilitation in the best eye clinic in Russia and the world famous clinic named after S. Fedorov. Our clients also can bring a round of education in our Medical organization for 1 day or for 1 year and more. Also can organize presentations of them Medical services (exchange of experience) in Russia. We will organize your treatment in the world-famous Eye Microsurgery Clinic named after academician Fedorov.


The clinic performs unique operations on eyes, conducts vision treatment using the latest technologies. Its recognized as one of the best medical centers in the world, with a world-famous scientific school, where studied hundreds of highly qualified specialists and  heads of many ophthalmological institutions of Russia and many other countries. We will provide you with visits to doctors and all the necessary examinations, hotel accommodation, help  of the interpreter, transfer, meals according to your wishes and tastes. Up to the request we can organize a small sightseeing tour program. On request we are ready to send to full pricelist for medical services, to discuss with the patient the number of days that will be required to pass the examinations, calculate the preliminary amount for living and service during the medical examination. For those who have passed the survey with us we will further render our help to provide additional consultations with the doctors of the clinic.

Prices in Russia are much lower than in Europe and the USA, and the quality is higher! Moreover: now you can really benefit due to the exchange rate of dollar in Russia! We provide you with all the necessary help and translations as well as arranging accommodation and special meal plan according to your tastes! We are working with an opened pricelist so that you can be sure that there is no place to deception! We doing all visa support and all tourism service in the beautiful town of Russia. Waiting for your requests ! I will be happy to answer all your questions! You can freely add my WhatsApp +7 962 998 98 68 If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us,

Sincerely Yours, Team “Russian Tour”


Maria Ulyanova
Head of Project with China

Mobil. tel.+7 962 998 98 68 (WhatsApp)
Mob tel. (China) : + 86 132 67 11 48 68 (WeChat)
Tel .: +7 495 357 03 73 (ext. 606)