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Our Medical Clinic advantages

We provide in Russia to Chinese patients modern reproductive services to treat infertility. Our surrogacy services include:
• The surrogate mother begininnig from the 1st day of the pregnancy is settled in our country house in Saint-Petersbourg (we possess our own data base of surrogate mothers, we have our own country house where thw surrogate mother is settled, under 7/24 supervision) . We have more than 10 years experience of working in the surrogate field;
• IVF with its own sperm and its own ovum, with donor ovum and sperm (we have our own data base of donor sperm and ovum, including exapmples from Europe, Russia, CIS countries, Asia, China. We have our own ovum freezing , cryopreservation and atorage, sperm and embryo bank);
• PGS screening of embryos, ART biopsy of emryos (payment according to the quantity of embryos), embryo freezing, embryo defrosting, transfer of frozen embryo, sperm freezing (our own byopsy lab of embryology);
• Stimulating drugs (own pharmacy in the clinic), supervision of the reproductive doctor, complex of medical anakysis for man and woman before IVF ;
• Single sperm injection (intracytoplasmic sperm injection);



Maria Ulyanova
Head of Project with China

Mobil. tel.+7 962 998 98 68 (WhatsApp)
Mob tel. (China) : + 86 132 67 11 48 68 (WeChat)
Tel .: +7 495 357 03 73 (ext. 606)